Customer Reference: AICHELIN Service GmbH

Industry 4.0 is here! And with it, the digitalisation of all business processes to help turn factories smart – in every sense.
While resources are desperately needed right now to help implement new technologies and processes for smart factories – and operators are grappling with how to deal with big data, cloud connectivity and data security – skilled workers are faced with ever-increasing time- and cost demands.

Those responsible for daily service and maintenance of machinery are progressively in the firing-line of demands, and for them efficiency, flexibility and cost reduction is central to the provision of their services.
These goals are also a constant presence in the minds of the people at AICHELIN Services Ltd – the independent service and after-sales part of the AICHELIN Group.
AICHELIN is an international manufacturer of high-quality industrial furnaces and systems for thermal and thermochemical heat treatment of metal components.

Within the framework of an Industry 4.0-project, the organisation made the decision to develop a digital service app which can be used on a standard smartphone or tablet to aid the service and maintenance work for AICHELIN pre-heating furnaces.
The goal was to create an app that bundles all available information about the furnace onto one device. What has thus been created is a service app for the thermal processing system that offers direct access to information about the different components, documentation and manuals, status information, replacement parts and availability, as well as all operational settings.


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