Factsheet: Why you need a MMA

Maintenance procedures for machines and mechanical systems are rapidly becoming more important while also getting increasingly challenging. Maintenance and service team managers are more and more often forced to balance their decisions based on business interests vs. quality as customers‘ expectations rarely match available budgets.

It is time to rethink this particular area of conflict. With a mobile assistant solution such as the Mobile Machine Assistant (MMA) we finally have a tool that addresses these challenges directly. The MMA connects state of the art technologies like machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence with tried and tested techniques such as text recognition and QR- and barcode recognition into a single powerful search engine that provides access to all available information about machines and the surrounding
industrial plant.

Service and maintenance teams can save substantial amounts of time with the help of an MMA in areas such as:
– machine and facility services
– documentation of service procedures
– looking up the appropriate manuals and documentation
– ordering replacement and wear and tear parts