Why you should really look into a mobile machine assistant

New challenges for maintenance, servicing, production & manufacturers

Production machines are becoming increasingly complex and consist of many individual components. At the same time, operating instructions and machine documentation are often not located on site, but away from the production halls.

This often poses great challenges for production employees and maintenance staff. In the case of an unplanned critical event components and assemblies must be replaced as quickly as possible in order to reduce machine downtimes to a minimum.

Unfortunately, product piracy is also not a rarity in machine and plant construction. Cheap, counterfeit spare parts are often installed in machines costing millions. This has a negative impact not only on the performance and service life of the system, but also on the sales of manufacturers and official webshop operators.

Employee-centred solutions can help

Due to the ever rising complexity of new machines, new challenges also arise for maintenance personnel, production employees and machine manufacturers. One possible way to respond is to introduce digitization and new technologies – such as mobile applications with assistance functions for machine operators.

Today, advances in the field of object recognition make it possible to identify individual components or entire assemblies by Smartphone. These are first photographed with an app and then uniquely identified. After recognizing the spare part or assembly, the app offers the user a variety of useful features, all of which relate directly to the recognized part or module.

In addition to general information about the component or assembly, such as a product description or detailed operating instructions, the app can also be linked to your own warehouse management system or to selected web shops. This provides production or maintenance staff with all relevant information at a glance. It is possible to determine whether the spare part is still available without having to go to the warehouse. If it has to be reordered, employees can do this directly via the app.

Manufacturers or dealers of machine parts can also benefit as they can provide their customers with a fast and secure way to order original parts. The purchase of cheap, replicated spare parts can thus be significantly minimized, as the app links to the manufacturer’s web shop or its preferred partner shop. Push-Notifications also make it possible to communicate certain offers and thus promote up-selling and cross-selling.


The challenges associated with maintenance, servicing, production optimization, machine downtimes and product piracy are by no means new, but are increasingly intensifying due to increasing complexity, cost pressure and a shortage of qualified specialists.

Many of these problems can be minimized by using suitable digital tools. Mobile applications can enable your employees to identify parts and assemblies quickly, conveniently and unambiguously, and to access all relevant information and actions quickly. Stay up to date and equip your employees for the future by giving them a digital multitool for their machines. We will be happy to support you.

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